A life for the book

Ivan Sytin — businessman, rich, and an influential book publisher, also known as «a Russian Ford», the first publisher of the Russian Empire, despite his undoubted services to the fatherland, today is known only to a limited circle of interested people and specialists — printers, students of printing universities, historians However, Sytin aroused the surprise and admiration of contemporaries. His name is associated with such concepts as loyalty to public duty and people’s benefit. A tour meets the people with the life of Ivan Sytin — the largest book publisher in pre-revolutionary Russia, who had managed to rise from a semi-literate peasant boy to the level of advanced enlightened people of the late XX — early XIX centuries. The memorial apartment, where Ivan Sytin had lived from 1928 to 1934 years, is located on the 2nd floor of a five-story building on Tverskaya street, 12/2. Nowadays, the memorial apartment exhibits documents from the Sytin family archive, personal belongings of a book publisher, furniture, and household things. Also, the exposition contains art and sculptures, anniversary addresses as well as numerous printed publications. Duration of a tour: 45 minutes The optimal number of people in a group is 15, maximum of 20 people Pre-registration is required by phone: +7 495 629-49-20