During the tour you will be able to see A.S. Pushkin in a new way, to find out what he was like in everyday life, in communication with friends.

Visitors of the tour will have the opportunity to:

  • to walk through those lanes where the poet walked, following his steps;

  • to see the houses where Pushkin’s friends lived, where the poet often visited, and some of this houses he stayed for a while;

  • to hear the poet’s poems written in these houses or addressed to the owners of these houses;

  • learn stories from the life of Pushkin and his friends, told by themselves and their contemporaries;

  • enter one of the houses in which Pushkin left his «steps», namely, the building where the Salon of Princess Z. Volkonskaya was located;

  • to see things that Pushkin’s gaze may have fallen on.

The meeting place is Tverskaya, 14.

Entrance is paid. Price: 200 rubles.

The duration of the tour is 1.5 hours.

The tour is conducted with the recruitment of a group of 4 people or more!

Pre-registration is required by phone: +7 903 119-32-97 (Telegram and WhatsApp chat are available).